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The Pickleball Card Game story.

Behind the Cards

Image showing prototypes and produced cards, arranged in an interesting way.
The Pickleball Card Game prototype cards with produced cards and instructions.

In January of 2022 we met some of our family in Naples, Florida for a one-week vacation. We thought it would be fun to learn Pickleball since we had courts that we could use where we were staying. Playing pickleball was the highlight of our trip. When we returned home to Michigan it was too cold to play pickleball so we would play cards in the evening after work. While playing cards we came up with the idea of creating a card game that resembles the actual game of pickleball.

"Our dream is that others enjoy playing our game as much as we enjoyed creating it!"
- Dennis and Cindy, The Pickleball Card Game
Image of Pickler cardImage of Kitchen CardImage of Dink Shot card

Dennis has always been very creative and excelled at drawing. He used his favorite baseball hat and pickleball shoes as models for the characters accessories and a jar of Gherkin pickles for the shape of the bodies. We bought every color pickleball we could find to help us with color selections. Our last name starts with a Z so we used that as an insignia on the paddles. We researched pickleball terminology and created cards that made the best use of the terms.

The next step was to create a prototype so we could start playing with friends and family. Dennis got to work in his art studio and handmade every card in the deck. Yes, all 80 of them!  Together, we hand colored all 80 cards, front and back.

With the help of friends and family, including our 2 grandchildren,  we started playing with the prototype. Over time, we refined the game so that players or teams that are losing can make a comeback and win the game. This made the game much more exciting and unpredictable as to who will claim the title of winner.

We found a card manufacturer in Michigan to help with our journey and start production. We are proud to say that The Pickleball Card Game is Made in the USA.Our dream is that others enjoy playing their game as much as they enjoyed creating it!

Thank you for choosing our game to play with your friends and family!

- Dennis and Cindy, The Pickleball Card Game

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